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GA dermal filler  specially made for body contouring

Breast augmentation
Hip augmentation
Genital organ

Cross linked hayluronic acid 20mg/cc
Cross linking ratio: 10%
50ml prefilled vial

1,Remove aluminum cap and rubber stopper
2.Withdraw HA body with
10cc syringe 10ml
3. You will have 5 syri
nges for one vial
4. Use local anesthesia at injection site if needed
5.Puncture with 16G or 18G needle
6. Attach 16G or 18G cannula to prefilled 10ml syringe
7.Inject GANA HA body to the treatment area
8. Use it subcutaneously in fat layer in the hip



1. For 3-4 days there might be swelling and pain

2. Use NSAIDs for 5 days

3. The swelling and pain is normal because of the very high cross linking ratio – almost 10% so it absorbs a lot of water causing the swelling

4. second session in a month is necessary
The injected dermal filler can migrate to adjacent area so in the second session practitioner must correct deformed shape.

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